Icon Entertainment Capital LLC is able to arrange financing for (P/A), prints and advertising costs. P/A are the expenses incurred by a theatrical distributor prior to and during the promotion and exhibition of film projects, to get them ready for theater release.

​The cost includes various forms of advertising including television and radio ads just to mention a few, as well as the cost of manufacturing the actual prints of the film projects. Icon Entertainment Capital LLC evaluates completed film projects for possible P/A financing.

Below are certain requirements, just to mention a few that are needed to qualify for our P/A financing.

* Minimum amount needed for P/A financing must be $1M.
* You must have a P/A budget and the project must be of theatrical quality.
* You must have distribution in place. We may be able to assist with this if needed.
* The project must be in the development stage nearing completion.
    * The project must be a commercial project and marketable in the states.

​Requirements may change without any notice. Other documents may be asked for at a later time.​​

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