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The development of excellent low-cost cameras and post-production software has resulted in an exceptional increase in quality films. These films are competing for screens and inclusion in the most popular digital and cable outlets available worldwide.

Icon Entertainment Capital LLC has established a working relationship with certain distribution companies that are focused on providing filmmakers, all the features needed to successfully and economically launch their films.

Icon Entertainment Capital LLC is associated with teams of highly motivated and experienced professionals with expertise in project development, production, structured finance and distribution sales as well as worldwide marketing. Our partners have built a reputation within the industry for creating and distributing innovative and original content worldwide. Working with leading talent from around the world combined with a deep understanding of the marketplace, Icon Entertainment Capital LLC and its affiliates have the ability to create and add value to the content it distributes.

​We are always accepting submissions of feature films for distribution. All materials sent to us will not be returned, and we reserve the right to refuse any film project without any explanation. Below are just some of the requirements needed regarding film projects for consideration. 

* Feature films greater than 60 minutes in length.
  * A marketable trailer if applicable.
 * Any marketable Genre is accepted except pornography.
  * All required components of a film project. (budgets, agreements, LOI’s from cast, P/A budget).
    * It must have a high production value. This includes the audiovisual quality of the feature as well as the acting, directing, script and overall  presentation.

    * It needs to be marketable to mass audiences.
* All licensing and bonding in place. You must be the owner of the project.

Other requirements may be asked for if necessary at a later date.